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Surrealism of the week: Gary and the Amazing Helicocker


Being a former chess maestro turned expatriate politician trying to gain some wind in a de facto totalitarian state is hard enough without having your speeches interrupted by flying penes and scrota, as Gary Kasparov experienced first-hand last week.


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Decay, decay!


Four years later, Strindberg and Helium is still one of the weirder things to be found on teh internets. Whether the annoying pink ballon is supposedly real, or just an absinthe-induced figment of the tormented playwright’s imagination, remains to be said.  Either way, it’s clearly time to revisit From an Occult Diary.

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I can has science?

Yeah, I know… lolscience is all the buzz these days. Teh forerunners at Physics Cat Macros are deffo worth checking out, too.

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Find out your stoner name


…”Merry Doobinator”?

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Picture of the week


Don’t ask, don’t tell.


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Just another version of cow tipping?



 Provided that you’re either tired or drunk enough, the strange mutation known as the Tennessee Fainting Goat  is probably more than enough to bring you a chuckle. Zooillogix has the story.

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The occasional observation in Swedish

Är jag en dålig människa som tycker att det här är jäkligt roligt?


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