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Et tu, Rafael, et tu


There’s an old Swedish idiom which roughly translates as “Even pretty birds take a dump”. This was beautifully illustrated last night by Rafael van der Vaart, whose sneaky attempt at biological warfare against the other substitutes on the Netherlands’ fixture against Romania barely went unnoticed. Something is rotten in the state of Holland, indeed.

(Whether it will earn a spot in the “My Greatest Moments” section of his website remains to be seen.)



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On a Swedish note…

Grattis Linkan! Nu har du på allvar tagit din plats bland Gösta Knivsta, Tjalle Mild och de andra legendarerna.

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All hail Franck, King of Bavaria

Continuing on the note of bilingual exercises, this was pretty funny. And I can’t help to wonder exactly what kind of people die Guglmänner are – the secret brotherhood fighting in the dark to restore the honour of the disgraced King Ludwig II and reinstall the Bavarian monarchy…

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One for the Swedes

From the eminent Swedish comic book series Arne Anka. It’s good to know ol’ Charlie has his sympathies in the right place.


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Of Sir Alex and Ari Gold


You may be the most successful football coach in recorded history, the manager of one of the world’s top teams for more than 20 years, and have achieved knighthood. You may have fostered players like Paul Scholes, David Beckham and the Neville brothers. You may also be the only person in the world who’s able to take a piss at Roy Keane with one of your notorious “blow dryer” tell-offs and get away with it alive.

None of these things really matter. If your obviously even more badass wife demands that you to help her moving, even if you have two games that day, there ain’t no arguing. Am I the only one who’s reminded of a certain Jewish agent?

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Can someone please explain to me…



Why Kennedy Bakircioglü of Dutch side AFC Ajax and the Swedish national soccer team hasn’t taken his aesthetical responsibilities and shaved it all off yet? That is without a doubt the worst haircut worn on a soccer lane this side of Abel Xavier.  Honestly, Kennedy – it’s painful to watch. And I know the facts of life can be hard to accept at times – but it won’t grow back.

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 Our Finnish Flashes Toni and Aki, sporting the black and blue (Only Daja missing).

… it looks as if we‘re heading for a decent season again. Thank goodness, it wasn’t one day too late.

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