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Religion gets its wide arse handed to itself, part #1654737

Pieces like this one, teeming with seemingly off-hand and casual brilliance, is pretty much the sole reason I keep ripping off PZ when I’m out of material or time myself. There is one sharp mind behind those bottleneck Minnesotan glasses, mark my words.

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Artwork of the week: The Rod of God


OMG. OMFG. It can’t be. It’s just too perfect – everything from the angle of the switch to the disturbing location of the little girl’s hand. But it is. As a matter of fact, Caucasian Light Switch Jesus is a genuine artifact from the golden age of Christian America*. Every conceivable joke about Catholic priests and altar boys does come to mind, but I’ll just let the clever folks over at Pharyngula take care of that instead.

(*Clearly on par with the classic religious album covers covered here earlier)

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So we’ve officially got a Taliban running for office

In the news, Mike Huckabee has finally dropped all pretenses of being anything but a raving, theocratic nutjob. One might wonder to what lenghts he wants to go when it comes to “amend the constitution so it is in God’s standards”. Introduce the death penalty for witchcraft and homosexuality? Prohibit the consumption of shellfish, pork and other ungodly dishes? Don’t ask, don’t tell. 

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This Year’s Most Loathsome People (Or “Yes, Mike Huckabee is #47”)

In a world gone not only mad but batshit insane, satire is at times the only way to retain said sanity. The Beast’s list of this year’s 50 Most Loathsome People in America is some funny, and very well-deserved, shit.

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Quote of the week

“It’s sort of the reaction that one would get for a book called “I was abducted by little green men”, when the commenters were the Abduction Survivors Group on the one hand and the Psychiatrists’ Association on the other. “

(A customer draws a rather stellar parable on the ongoing Amazon comment war between evilutionists and Jesus Horse proponents over William Dembski/Dumbski’s latest output) 

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Self-awareness, anyone?


The evidence is inconclusive as to if the pope actually does shit in the woods. Obviously ,  though, he at least farts in the Vatican.

It’s not that I give a rat’s posterior about what Papa Ratz thinks about anything, but this one blew my irony meter out the window. You would expect the head of Teh Holy Roman Catholic Church to keep a pretty low profile when it comes to blaming other worldviews for crimes committed against humanity. Obviously, they’re afraid of competition in a field they’ve mastered to the full extent throughout their history.

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Moses goes Samuel L Jackson on an Egyptian’s ass, and other stories


And that’s just #2 of The 9 Most Badass Bible Verses – the best thing to happen to holey writ online since Lego Joshua circumcised the Israelites on The Hill of Foreskins.

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