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Decay, decay!


Four years later, Strindberg and Helium is still one of the weirder things to be found on teh internets. Whether the annoying pink ballon is supposedly real, or just an absinthe-induced figment of the tormented playwright’s imagination, remains to be said.  Either way, it’s clearly time to revisit From an Occult Diary.


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Go stuff it, Bill Donahue


If you haven’t already done it, go read the official Evil Atheist Conspiracy Novel™ of the season. As you’ve probably noticed, the screen adaptation has set the fundietards reeling.)

On a related note, I think The Parable of the Hobbit Necromancer Commandos has some genuine meme potential. If nothing else, it’s a most welcome variation from those orbiting teapots and pink invisible unicorns.

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Satan was a Lesbian!

… and while I was digging away at those seedy archives anyway, I couldn’t really keep this piece of pulp goodness from y’all, could I?  Thankfully, Strange Sisters has kept track on everything necessary for your descent into the technicolor netherworld of sleaze, booze, and scantily-clad amazons.

 (Those of you more inclined to religious schlock from the same era may have noticed that we have covered it here earlier.)


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Norman snuffed it

Bye, dude. You will be missed.

The Naked and the Dead

Harlot’s Ghost

The Executioner’s Song


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