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Religion gets its wide arse handed to itself, part #1654737

Pieces like this one, teeming with seemingly off-hand and casual brilliance, is pretty much the sole reason I keep ripping off PZ when I’m out of material or time myself. There is one sharp mind behind those bottleneck Minnesotan glasses, mark my words.

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Go stuff it, Bill Donahue


If you haven’t already done it, go read the official Evil Atheist Conspiracy Novel™ of the season. As you’ve probably noticed, the screen adaptation has set the fundietards reeling.)

On a related note, I think The Parable of the Hobbit Necromancer Commandos has some genuine meme potential. If nothing else, it’s a most welcome variation from those orbiting teapots and pink invisible unicorns.

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Debunking invalid notion #146 109 867


(through the mother organization itself)

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Don’t be ashamed, fellow Americans.

Well… at least you don’t have to be ashamed alone for having some embarrassingly backwards, religiously mind-warped citizens.

Thousands of furious Hindus took to the streets after the Indian Government claimed that the epic that forms the cornerstone of their religious beliefs was a work of fiction. Police used teargas to disperse crowds in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, where protesters accused the Government of blasphemy. The row erupted when the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), an arm of the Culture Ministry, told the country’s highest court that there was no evidence to support the existence of the characters in the Ramayana, a revered ancient text. Nor was there any historical record that Lord Ram, one of Hinduism’s most popular heroes, was a real person or that any of the events in the epic took place.

India is a country in rapid economical and scientific progress at the moment, but with an ever-present clash between modernity and the ardent defenders of tradition.  Kudos to all fellow Indian secularists, who are fighting the good fight to exorcise the demons of religious stupidity and superstition from the country. It’s not about banishing several thousand years of cultural heritage and ancient rituals, just seeing it from the right perspective – as myth, allegory and folklore.

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Socialism, Darwin and Satan – Hand in hand!

From the viewpoint of Christian America, I guess this just confirms what they’ve always expected. The only thing it really misses to complete the Axis of Godless Evil is some raving New Atheist scourging their beliefs with demands of reason, logic and empirical evidence… preferrably a French one.


(While the big P.Z. was at his Socialist streak anyway, he dug up this gem as well – classic Soviet propaganda art with a digitalized 80’s edge, if you will.)


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The artist as a young man, circa “The Selfish Gene”

As readers of a blog written by a straight bloke fond with bisexual allusions*,  you all know the drill by now. I’m not normally into guys, but DAMN was he a hottie when younger! Goes right up there with Nicke Cave, Kyle McLachlan, Jaques Brel and, yes, Gabriel Byrne…


 *If nothing else, for the uncanny ability it has to make homophobes and stereotypical macho men freak out. We all know what that somewhat compulsive fixation with machismo and the jock personality really stands for


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Scientists find God gene!



“Working with genetically modified mice, the scientists found that animals without the co-called ‘God gene’ were less afraid, more inquisitive about the world around them and were better at solving problems. The godless mice also tended to sleep more on Sundays.”

Metaphorically true as the article may be – if the very premise of something written in a publication called The Weekly World Inquisitor doesn’t make you a tad suspicious, the names and titles sure should. Seth Kredulous comes off as the perfect moniker for yer average ignorant Christian billionaire, and Screw God: Why Believers Are Nutjobs sounds like Al Franken jumping the bandwagon of New Atheism. The real thing, though, is some genuinely thought-provoking stuff.


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