Youtube sweep of the week: Radiohead fanwork

Making unofficial videos for a band which has made some of the greatest music videos ever themselves may seem a tad overkill, but a quick scouring of the ‘tube shows that the visual talent of the Oxford lot obviously has spilled over onto their fanbase.

Dan Provost molds images from his Düsseldorf tenure into a perfectly synced, sterile backdrop to the already robotic and industrial Packt Like Sardines in A Crushd Tin Can, and Deadlyminx (who also gets credits for his Romeo & Juliet take on Talk Show Host) clearly shows that You And Whose Army should have made it into the Kingdom Of Heaven soundtrack. The real killer, however, may very well be JL Williams’ juxtaposition of How To Disappear Completely and the Tom Tykwer feature Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer. The ethereal, fleeting quality of the song fits rather flawlessly to a film more concerned with olfactory sensations than visuals.


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