More wildlife goodies: Lookin’ pretty


A camel spider (order Solifugae), basking in the sunlight. The camel spiders are not spiders proper, but rather a separate order of arachnids, like harvestmen and scorpions. This male shows the sexual dimorphism present in many species, using the large, flamboyantly coloured mandibles for lek display (much like the stag beetle).



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3 responses to “More wildlife goodies: Lookin’ pretty

  1. I don’t know where you got this photo, but it’s not a real insect. You can see it’s made of string wound around some other material. Also, if you look the feet don’t even touch the rock! What’s more, sun spiders have two independent sets of jaws which look similar to a scorpion’s claws placed side by side. Their mouth looks nothing like this, nor do they feature bright colors.

    Just letting you know…

  2. Lost

    … Why did you post a fake camel spider?

  3. LOLS

    Course its not a real insect, its a bloody arachnid lols
    wind spiders have their back sides all bound looking like that so dont be jumping to conclusions so easily!!

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