Picture of the week


For being a blog with the word gay in its title, there is surprisingly little homo-eroticism going on here. But since it’s Stockholm Pride Festival this week, I thought I’d straighten that out. This gem from early June shows some Latvian anti-gay activists at Riga Pride, leaving very little to imagination as to which precise part of same-sex relations they have an issue with. Can someone explain to me why this particular brand of obstinate god-wankers seem to be way more interested in the precise bedroom machinations of gay people than the gays themselves? I mean, they can’t all be closet cases á la Haggard… or can they?




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2 responses to “Picture of the week

  1. Alla som inte är emot bögar är gay

  2. gfgb

    hehe… det roliga är att det faktiskt finns män som tycks resonera så på riktigt. Man måste verkligen vara fruktansvärt otrygg i sin sexuella identitet om man inte ens kan ta ett bögskämt utan att slå bakut…

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