We have a dead ringer for Walter!



Walter Sobchak, from The Big Lebowski


Robert K Nilsson, member of the Swedish Parliament

Those who have read this blog for some time now have probably realized that I’m a proud Achiever – a sucker for all things connected to the Cohen Brothers film The Big Lebowski. I will write later about why this is the most quotable film in known history, among other things. Now, however, a far more alarming and urgent concern has come to my knowledge.

Few who have seen the film can ever forget the indelible Walter Sobchak, the main supporting character (played by John Goodman). Walter is a gun-touting, Polish Catholic Vietnam vet converted to Judaism, suffering from a constant state of post-traumatic stress syndrome due to his time in ‘Nam.  For all his pseudo-intellectual pretentions, he’s violent, paranoid and mentally unstable – often reacting agressively when someone violates his unseen set of norms.

Therefore, it was with the greatest distress I noticed that Walter has obviously quit his firm, Sobchak Security. He’s now a member of the Swedish Parliament. Posing as a representative of the province of Gotland named Rolf K Nilsson, he has obviously nestled his way into Moderaterna, the biggest right-wing party in the land. What’s even worse – he’s on the Comittee of Defense. What will happen when our Norwegian neighbors crosses the (border)line like Smokey, and enters Walter’s World of Pain? Or if diplomacy breaks down, and he resorts to the same presuasion methods as he exposed young Larry Sellers to?


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