God hates women


Allison Kilkenny is doing one helluva job at pissing religionists off over at The Huffington Post.  It’s good to see an angry woman in a domain recently dominated by males such as DD-HH (Dawkins-Dennett-Harris-Hitchens). Still I can’t help to think that she reminds me of Maude Lebowski, and her famous “Beaver” rant (Does the female form make you uncomfortable, Mr Lebowski?)



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2 responses to “God hates women

  1. vintagefan

    You know the writing was actually quite funny, in spite of the seriousness of the issue and all, so I was laughing quite shamelessly. As far as my stand on religion is concerned I decided to read the parts in the bible that I um, like. I’m a bit of a hippercrit, like she mentioned.

  2. gfgb

    yeah, she did elicit quite a few laughs from me…. I think humor is perhaps the most effective way to convey a serious point.
    Believe me, I understand what it feels like to try to reconcile one’s faith with a source containing quite unpleasant parts. I was raised Christian, and tried to pick the parts I liked in the same way as you for quite some time – until I realized I didn’t buy into any of it, and became a full-blown atheist. I won’t tell you which path to take – you have to make up your mind for yourself. But I clearly prefer a situation where there are religious moderates who pick the parts they prefer, to a situation where every religious person is a fundie who forces a literal interpretation of his faith onto his neighbours…

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