Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature


Article in Psychology Today. It won’t change my opinion that most evolutionary psychologists have their heads even further down the gutter than old-school Freudians, and the piece on suicide bombers feels more than a little far-fetched. Still, it’s some genuinely thought-provoking stuff.



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4 responses to “Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature

  1. angllhugnu2

    Thanks for bringing this article to our attention. The life we lead is a complex mixture of the truths that help us make it through a day and the illusions we have of what truth is “supposed to be.” This article offered us a glimpse into what very well could be the historical foundation for what makes up many of the basic illusions we maintain as truths.

    In other words, no one can say for sure what anger or mental health issues causes a person to become a suicide bomber. WE, as the one’s under attack, just call them murders and worthless jerks creating alot of needless suffering. Whether we like to believe it or not, this kind of rhetoric is not news to them. Like the child that grows up into a home where the parent’s constant insistence of their lacking value; the incessant not so subtle message of their being so worthless so as to have no mate to love them helps to support their belief system in being better off dead. This is no different than dealing with a person standing at the edge of the cliff readying himself to jump to his death. Calling him stupid is nothing new to him…and he will jump to make himself happy. For his happiness lies waiting, in his view, in his pain.

    We need to seriously consider the value of such an foundational understanding. Mental illness is mental illness….nothing more nothing less. Pretending to be fighting a lucid army with an agenda that has purpose is delusional at best.

    Again, thanks for offering this article.


  2. I like the fat mans moustache

  3. gfgb

    Yeah… it somehow adds to the decorum.

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