The gentle art of the cover, pt. 1

Good covers is one of my favourite topics when it comes to music, and one I will elaborate on further later. The keen art of interpreting the songs of other performers is often less successful (and at times downright disastrous), but those who master it may bring forth nuances the original performance never had. Jef Buckley’s take on Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and Johnny Cash’s version of U2’s One are good examples.

Today’s subject is The Stooges’ classic I wanna be your dog. The original still stands strong, but this is a proto-punk beast in the same vein as Kick out the Jams it craves to be played off the hook, full volume, amps all cranked up, and distortion to the max. Therefore, here’s some kickass live versions by different performers.  

The Last Dance & Dead Souls Rising 

The Black Angels

Hotel Fetish

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