Praise Ponies!

You may either wish you didn’t know what “faith-based toys” is or not believe in the existance thereof, but Wal-Mart sure does. As pointed out by P-Zizzy, the manufacturing of an action figure Jeebus this sure raises a a number of tricky theological issues. Will it be a complete depiction of his body, including the divine… erm… reproductive organs? If it isn’t – would this maimed savior be allowed into his own church? Questions, questions… 

Anyway – this arguably ain’t the first effort in the market of faith-based toys. The Born Again Ponies over at A Little Leaven are bound to creep you out – and it’s still nothing compared to the Ten Plagues Finger Puppets. Sure, just laugh.  You rational commie libruls of the world will always mock the Church of God and it’s appointed prophets, but believe me – the conversion of this pagan pony was crucial in redeeming our Christian children from the Satanic influences of popular culture. It’s good to know that pastor David Bay of Old Paths ministries fills us in on those devious unicorns’ crucial role in the  devilish New World Order.

(Nah, fuck it..I just can’t take it anymore. Is there anything more nauseating than paranoid fundies? I seriously doubt it.)


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