“And the LORD spoketh, through his polyethene mouth..”


But Judah’s firstborn Er was offensive to Yahweh, and lo, Yahweh slew him. (Gen 38:7)


Anyone who has ever sat through sunday school will be able to appreciate this. Probably everyone else, as well. The violent antics of Judges and the Levitical penal code are my personal favs (As for Joshua’s second circumcision – yikes!). Of special note if the fact that it contains what probably is the first graphic depiction of the horrendous, sadistic gang rape/splatter story of Judges 19 since Gustave Doré. I still find it more than a little ironic that a collection of literature which contains more misogyny, dismemberment, racism and NC-17 violence than the nastiest of exploitation flicks (not to mention a genocidal borderline sociopath of a god), still is known colloquially as “The Good Book”. It is pretty cute in Lego, though.

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